My name is Pete Lytton-Hitchins

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I would like to share with you what I am learning about Myself and Divine Truth. As I learn more so will my understanding of Love and Truth so please keep that in mind when reading about my discoveries, personal thoughts and experiences.

Having people in my life who want to be honest and truthful and have a desire to love has shown me another way to live

I have not liked hearing the truth about myself and have often got angry or grumpy or  emotionally attacked others rather than feel the truth about my real condition.

When I have wanted to know the truth it has really helped having friends who have my best interest at heart. They have shown me another way to live. A kind and loving way. They have a desire to want to know God and Gods Truth no matter how much it hurts

It takes courage to say what you think even when you know you might be attacked for it. Thank you Jesus, Mary, Eloisa and Tristan for been real friends and for standing up for Love and Truth.

I have also found out the hard way it doesn’t matter how much information I read or how many physical actions I take….. until I want to know the truth emotionally and live in truth and love my Soul condition will not change.